World Peace by Anurag Raj

World Peace by Anurag Raj

World Peace

‘Peace’, a word used in various contexts of life. From the mind to the body, from home to office, from bus to cab and then in the self-owned car, what we look for is peace. But another fact is that when it comes to establishing peace in the world, between the countries, between the states, between the religions and lastly between the castes, ‘Peace’ just becomes a glorious five-lettered word, written on a piece of paper.

India, a nation of over 130 crore people, 19,500 languages, 1 lakh daily and weekly newspaper and over 4.8 active, reserve and paramilitary forces, is one of the biggest emerging powers of the nation. I feel proud to be an Indian, but at times I think, is it worth the value? Yes, of course, Indian deserves all the respect, but what I am talking about is the government. There are a lot more to invest upon, but what we witness is that the biggest part of our taxes is invested in the “Defence’. I am completely not against the government or their policies. I am just a student of class 10th and the government is run by the biggest minds of the nation…, or maybe not. I do not blame the government in any manner. Of course, there must be some or more responsibilities that these guys have to fulfil.

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What I am against is something that has been a dream of most of the people in the world. I am talking about world peace. I know questions will be raised against me that there are organisations that are managing things and it takes time. But… I have a question. “How long is it going to take?” I am a 14-year-old middle-class student, wanting to have an elite lifestyle since last 14 years. “I am not sure, whom am I supposed to, my father or the government, or the God himself”, this would have been my statement as a kid. But now that I am a student of class 10, I know whom to point finger at (I hope you have my point in your mind).

I have been wondering if I could do anything to establish world peace, and restrict the biggest part of my economy (my nation’s economy) to be drained in the defence, and this article is what I landed upon.

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The question is, “Do we need a war to sort out issues?”. This is not a question just for my government. I want to ask the entire humanity if we need it. I would love to get answers.

 I know, I am not getting any replies on your side unless I offer you a deal. Okay. So, here it is.

If we just stop thinking about war, the biggest part of our taxes won’t be invested in the defence sector, and thus there are many more things that can be the right value for this money. For example, there are millions of people who sleep under the open sky, on the footpaths, they can get homes. There are a lot of unemployed youths, who are somewhat being distracted and ending up committing a crime. There a lot more things that can happen. And this is not just applicable to the nation I live in, but this is for the entire world.

I am talking about world peace, which truly is a thing that needs to be taken care of, and that too very soon. I believe you alone cannot clean your city, likewise, world peace cannot be attained from a single country, but if I start to keep my surroundings clean, there is the least chance that my neighbour will avoid me and spread dirt around. I want me to start in the first place, and ‘me’ means my nation. I want my nation to be the one to start and leave a mark on the planet. Because I know, my nation can do this.

Jai Hind!
Anurag Raj

About the Author

Anurag Raj, a boy with a million dreams, and most of it belongs to the nation. A boy who thinks beyond fame and money, and that too at a very small age. The 14-year-old boy is a student of class 10th and wants to join the Indian Police force to clean up the society and its evils.

Anurag Raj

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