How did the moon become the best face

How did the moon become the best face

The judgements for Moon

In the all-around hush of the dark, permeates an assailant, quests over the militia of the billows, traverse over the infinite firmament, pilfering the radiance of the sun, comes the foe of dark, the moon. The bandit moon thinks to triumph over the emissary of dark, but a wretched happening happens to it. After waging the whole against the night, the sun enters the dawn and seize the glory of the victory.

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It was the first day when the stars told him moon to fight for the rights of him. The stars tried to convey him to reach to the board of the dawn and dusk and file a complaint against the sun for the pilfering of the credits of your victory. The moon must have known the rights he owned being the prime foe of the evil dark. It was the moon who helped the world to get over the darkness, but the sun being the ambassador of brightness stole the credits.

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“I could have done nothing if the sun wasn’t there for the light. I am a thief. It is a fact that I defeated the dark, but it was the sun which made me possible.”

“You aren’t a burglar, the entire universe knows that the sun gives light to you. You borrow light from him rather steal. Thus you are liable to own the credit to defeat the dark rather sun.”

The moon thought for a while and then said, “Whom should I fight with? The darkness or the sun?”

“You are supposed to wage for your honour, you are supposed to wage for your credits.” Said one of the stars. While the other said, “There is a place called India on the earth. The other day I was passing by, I saw a very distinct kind of a method to please the authorities to get their job done. You know what these guys do?”

“What …?”

“They quit working. They just stop working and protest against the authorities. I think you must do the same either. You will have to be selfish for a while. At least till the sun agrees to move out of your path.” The start suggested.

“But what if the sun too joins me asking me to move back.” The moon asked in a tensed gesture of voice.

“So what, do the same as it happens on the earth, just let it happen. You haven’t taken the responsibility of wellbeing of the universe. Have you?”

The moon was in deep thoughts now…

At once he even thought to sit for protest but the other moment he chose to be wise. He followed the path, which is least or maybe never chosen on the planet earth. The moon decided to have a cold conversation with the sun.

“Hahaha…” this was how the stars reacted and so did I.

Is that really possible? I don’t think so because if it was, I wouldn’t have been watching a movie called “Ram Ke Naam” by Anand Patwardhan.

The consequences are today seen in the sky. Although the sun refused to give the credits for the victory over dark but promised the moon to have the most beautiful thing of the universe. As a result of which, I wish I had a girlfriend, whom I could compliment to have a moon-like face. Ufff… I wish I could…

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