The feet: The story untold

The feet: The story untold

The feet

The difference between being perfect and imperfect is not more than the width of a thread. Peacock, most beautiful of all the birds is also an example of imperfection. The legs of a peacock have always been a disappointment for the bird. Nothing in this world is perfect, everything has a scope of being better than what it is. So, at this point, a question arises and that is, “Have god created a perfect thing? And if we humans try to make things perfect, then to what extent it is acceptable?”

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This is the story of a newly arranged married couple, Mohit and Pia in which the woman is now of the most beautiful girl the boy has ever seen in his life, but the only disappointment is her legs. The woman had little bit broad feet, which the guy found to be a matter of embarrassment in public. For the first time, it happened at his friend’s place, while he was drinking and partying with his friends. One of his friends, Rajat told him about the variety of beautiful legs. Rajat shows so many pictures to him, post which he returned to his house and saw the sleeping legs of his wife. He stares at the legs of his wife and then sleeps.

the feet

Next day while going out with his wife, Mohit just looked at the feet of his wife and when she turned her face towards her, he looked on her face and smiled. The smile here was real and was also forced; the man was perplexed about his feelings. What was he supposed to do? Was he supposed to be happy because he has a beautiful face or should be sad because of her feet?

These were some unsolved questions that troubled him a lot. Mohit wanted her legs to be perfect. Mohit looked at himself. He noticed his legs, they were perfect, but the same wasn’t said about his face but believes varied with persons.

In the hunger of getting the perfect for himself, he pushed the boundaries of human interference in the creation of god. One day Rajat visits his house with the same crew. Mohit, Rajat and all his friends were going to the terrace to have some drinks. While Mohit’s wife comes out of the kitchen, Mohit looks at her feet, Mohit’s friend looks at Mohit’s face and then Mohit looks at Pia and tells her to go to sleep, he will be late and goes away with his friends.

In the gallery, while waiting for the lift, Rajat holds Mohit’s shoulder and says, “Jisne bananewale ne marz banayi hai, usi bananewale ne dawa bhi banayi hai.” Rajat enters the lift and while going to the terrace he tells him about practice in China, which was called foot binding.

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In the end, Mohit finds that this is the only way he can attain perfection, and thus, he binds the feet of his wife. Mohit now believes that he has attained perfection; now his wife is perfect.

This is just a story but it is a fact that people intend to do such things for their self-satisfaction and in the race of being a perfectionist. No matter how imperfect they are, hey should always get the best and perfect for themselves. Please do share your views about this issue.

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3 Replies to “The feet: The story untold”

  1. I really like this story because it shows what madness people do in search for “Perfectionism”. I think when you love someone, imperfections are beautiful. Acceptance of all flaws and good things is important. It comes naturally. But to Mohit, he should not be embarassed about his wife and rather embrace all the good qualities in her. It’s okay to feel a bit embarrassed, but doing such insanity in search of perfectionism isn’t good.

    I would love to have a continuation of this story! Beautifully expressed thoughts 😊

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