Red Chip

Red Chip

Red Chip

Red Chip: Long back, there lived a boy called device, career-oriented, ambitious, enthusiastic, hardworking and passionate about his work. The device was full of revolutionary features that could bring a huge caper in his sector. He had more than enough qualities to get himself launched in the market. He consisted of some exclusive traits that were must for the world to explore. He didn’t know it then, but it was a fact that he didn’t have the quality to judge the people. The device was a kind of person, who never bothered about, what is happening in his surrounding his focus was solely jailed by his vision. This doesn’t mean he didn’t react to the happenings around him. Unlike any other human in, he felt the particles of air and words contaminating his thoughts. The device was so much focused about his career that he never even thought to have any of such agents in his life that might contaminate the life of his thoughts. The device was all ready to be presented by to the world, and epoch of the rush hour was about to begin at various offices of the presenters.

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At software, his days were going great, he liked his job and was earning well, but somewhere there was the guilt of not being presented to the world. In a very short period of time, the device was being liked by many of the people, because he was extremely good at his work. The seniors appreciated his work, the juniors praised him for his talent, but that one man busted everything, everything. Or maybe he acted to be the game-changer in the life of the device.

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It was the day when Device met ‘Red chip’, a colleague of him. Not that Device was meeting or talking to him for the first time, this was a meeting ruled by the red side of the head. It was the situation or something that just drove Device away with the ‘red’ thoughts of the Red chip. Red-chip was a person who didn’t like the software, even when software tried to be nice with the red chip. Since Red chip had bad thoughts about the software, he started putting his red thoughts in the mind of the Device, because Device was the only one who could uninstall the software. The device never felt that the thoughts, which were ruling his mind were of the red category, which shouldn’t have ruled over him. After a prolonged session of red thoughts, Device was now mentally prepared to uninstall the software. The device resigned and agreed to continue for the next thirty days as a notice period to the software. Software’s performance had fallen manifold and there was no sort of its development.

On a weekend evening, while Device was thinking of his life in his balcony and he realized he wasn’t the one ruling over him, it was the red chip. The issues seemed to be minor and all the red thoughts started being filtered by the heart. The result deleted all the red thoughts and got the best of himself. The mind felt guilt, but the heart consoled him saying, it is you are an actual Device. It is you who decide all that happens to the person, while the person thinks they decide what happens to you. The device proved himself he was a device by first uninstalling the software and then by making it a top priority for the user.

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I won’t be telling you, what happened to the red chip and the Device because I can’t write all the conclusions over here. A stage comes in every life that we feel like we are alone and are potent to do nothing, but the fact is that we just get covered by the dark clouds of negativity, which just deplumes us by every passing moment and eventually leaves us at a stage where there you are left with nothing. So just find your Red chip at the right time, before it becomes hazardous for you and for yours.

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