Personality development traits you must follow

Personality development traits you must follow

Personality traits you must follow to work better on your personality development

Personality is no less than money, the more you have, the more you want. There is nothing called enough money and perfect personality. No matter how much money you earn, there is always a need to have more, similarly, no matter how much you take personality development classes or make your personality better, there is always a need within you to develop your personality. You always develop your personality to get yourself promoted to the higher societies and get what you have desired for.

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Personality is something that beats money. There are places where money doesn’t work, but personality does. With an amazing personality, you can attract people towards yourself. Well, you have an excuse of saying that, with money, you can attract more easily. But this is not the complete fact. You might be able to drive someone towards you, with the reflection of your money, but trust me, this is not what you want. My girlfriend was attracted to my personality and, she is the most trustworthy person in my life. Also, personality attracts money. To earn money, you need to have a better personality, whether it is about selling rice-plate at a roadside hotel or selling continental cuisine at a 5-star hotel. It is the personality, that makes the difference. So, now that you know what is more important, this is a personality development article dedicated to those who think money makes money. No, personality attracts money.

What is personality?

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Google says, “Personality is a celebrity or famous person.” Also, Google says, “Personality is the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.”

I won’t be amazed if you have a weird expression on your face right now, because mine was the same before I started to write this article. Allow me to explain what it actually means.

Some very thoughtful people say I am not attracted to looks, but it is the personality that attracts me. Trust me, I really love them, as they try to squint into the real self of an individual. But at the same end, it won’t be a myth to state that the looks of a person are a part of their personality. So, as the definition suggests, it is a compilation of all the good qualities of an individual’s distinctive character, you are not a man of good personality if you don’t have an amazing behaviour and you have a good personality if you don’t look good, your personality must be a compilation of both.

Now, that you know good personality means have an amazing behaviour along with good looks, you must not be discouraged by the term good looks. Good looks are completely not what you have thought it to be. The face you have is best for you. The body you have is the best. You must be now thinking if I am mad. Trust me I am not, my dad is a doctor and he once told me, that I am not mad, I just have a disease of seeing things in the right way, not according to the world.

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So, looking good means having your face and body maintained. It is just that you should wear elegant clothes and wash your face properly and brush your hair. Trust me this is it. This is how your looks contribute to your personality, nothing else matters, if you have a jawline or have a fair face.

If you believe this is not what personality is then you are in desperate need of personality development, my friend.

Types of personality

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How many types of personalities are you familiar with?

You might have started thinking like a personality development teacher to find an answer to this question. But if I was asked the same question, I would ask a question in return and ask the person, “How many individuals do you meet every day?” Again, let me tell you, I am not mad, I am just diseased to see things in the right way. What is want to prove here is that every individual differs from each other in personality? Every person has got different genes, so the hell can we expect them to have the same characteristics. It is as simple as that, all the person in the world has a unique DNA strand.

I have classified personality into four different types, based on some of the common traits. Wait… before you misunderstand and I have to repeat, that I am not mad I just see things in the right way. I was talking about DNA. Every individual in this universe has unique DNA, but it is not that they don’t match it with their dad, in the same way, considering some common traits, here is a list of 4 types of personality –

  1. Average: These are us. Okay… cool. Don’t be offended, you might not be this one, don’t be angry, I am average. But trust me you are gonna regret this later in this article, this was the best you could choose. So, average are those people that take care of everything they have, whether it is their hair, nail, behaviour, character, attitude, looks, and all other things that add up to their personality. You can say that these are the most balanced people in the society, and also those which most girls end up on. They maintain a perfect balance between their inner and outer self, which makes them lovely. These are the people who, work on their personality development on their own. They don’t require a push. There are although low in openness but are high in neuroticism and extraversion.
  2. Reserved: I don’t think I need to tell you about this category. But one thing you should be very clear about reserved people, that they are not those who are selfish and just think about themselves. These are the people, who are more agreeable. They are just introverted and keep their personality personal. They are more accepting and are emotionally stable people, who hate emotional waves. These people are not really suggested work on personality development, but a bit more of openness can connect them to the world, in a much better way.
  3. Self-centred: These are the people who rank high in extraversion, but their score in openness and agreeableness is very low. These are the people, who are always high in the wasp of some kind of superiority complex, that doesn’t really exist in the real world. These kinds of people are suggested, to work hard on their personality development.
  4. Role-models: Okay, this is me again. And this time I am not even kidding. I am influencing you with my words in this article. This article is part of my personality. And hence I can be an example of role-model. Role-models are sensible people, who are reliable and are always open to new ideas. They score high in agreeableness, extraversion, openness, while also has grades in neuroticism. This is how a person should be. I might not be a role model, but if that inspires you to be one, I don’t mind.

5 personality traits you must know about

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Personality traits are the most common traits that need to be taken care of when you are working on your personality development. These traits are based on the ‘Big five personality theory’.

Personality development is all about these five traits. You just need to maintain a balance of these five traits and here you are with the best personality.

  1. Openness: Openness is all about new experiences and discoveries. It is never bad to be very imaginative and have a wide range of interests. This is something that will boost your mind and will get you better experiences. Basically, trait indicates how open-minded and authority challenging a person is or can be. So, to have a better personality it is important to have a good score in openness, which you can get by loving to learn new things and exploring more and more.
  2. Conscientiousness: This trait reveals how self-disciplined and organized a person is. This is what defines your promptness and your reliability. I suggest having a good score is impressive and is a sign of a good personality.
  3. Extraversion: As the name suggests this trait is an indicator of how much extra activities a person does, how much out-going and social a person is. This trait defines the assertiveness and talkativeness a person is. This shows what amount of energy is carried by a person. In case of extraversion, if you are working on personality development, I would suggest you focus properly on this part as this will not just get you a better personality but will also help you reach you to various reputed platforms.
  4. Agreeableness: This trait is a badge for being friendly, warm and tactful. If you have this badge with you, you are definitely getting good attention in public. This is a trait that indicates how kind and affectionate a person is. I won’t suggest you have a good or bad in a test of this trait. I will leave it upon you to decide.
  5. Neuroticism: This is what defines the stability of a person, mostly emotional. At many of the places, you need to be stable and balanced. So, it is very much important for you to have a very good score in the test of neuroticism, as it is very important for you to have an amazing personality.
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You can surely get an amazing personality if you implement the above-mentioned changes in your personality development task. Do let me know about the results.

If you have worked hard on your personality development and now it is the time to test your personality and not just record your growth, but do share with me here.

These are somethings that I’ve discovered, let me know in the comment section below what you found about personality. Also, you can contact me here and get personal help in developing your personality. And do not forget to subscribe to this blog, to stay connected for such awesome tips and advice.

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