Pardon Me – The Poem

Pardon Me – The Poem

Pardon me – The Poem

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Pardon me for my creation, pardon me for what I created;

Pardon me to make you everything, pardon me for making me nothing;

Pardon me to be blessed, pardon me to be sliced;

Pardon me for being under your hypnosis, pardon me for my true love.

Pardon me for who and what I am, pardon me for why I am;

Pardon me for making you maniac, pardon me for not lashing you;

Pardon me for patriarch, pardon me for your materialism;

Pardon me for niggles, pardon me for giggles;

Pardon me to be your gimmick, pardon me for sulk.

Pardon me for my absorption, pardon me for your adsorption;

Pardon me for my beauty, pardon me to be bold;

Pardon me for my smile, pardon me for my profile;

Pardon me for my talk, pardon me for my walk.

Pardon me for just getting it, pardon me for no rebound;

Pardon me to be better than you, pardon me to remove the mirror in front of you;

Pardon me for my pain to expose, pardon me to hide myself.

Pardon is all I can ask for, happiness is a beg;

Pardon me for pardoning you, pardon me to pardon before you…!

                                                          -Nikhil raj

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