About Me

About Me

Hi! I’m Nikhil Raj. Thanks for stopping by.

Nikhil Raj, a ten-character name, inclusive of the space between Nikhil and Raj, was thought to be a perfect ten man. I don’t know how much true is this but one thing I am sure about and that is, I am Nikhil Raj, the boy with ten-character name, inclusive of the space in between. This space is not just used to separate my first name and surname, but it is as metaphorical as I am in real life. Raj is a surname given tome for by my dad, but his name is Dr. A.K. Singh. So, this is the space that has created a space between me and my entire family. I tried to ask my dad about this new surname. He said, “There should be some variety in the family. You are Raj, I am Singh, your mom is Pandey, your wife will be something else, imagine how diverse our family will be. And also, I didn’t want anyone to judge your caste through your surname, even though you belong to upper caste.” That was a moment I wanted to clap for my dad but then mom came and interrupted saying. “It was all my idea.”

Anyway, this is not the place to talk about family history, this is a place where I am going to brag about myself. Sorry wrong term, introduce you to myself and my talent.

Hello everyone, my name is Nikhil Raj (in case you don’t know), I am the author of this blog called Lifestyle Today the sole author of Lifestyle Today, creator of Lifestyle Today, owner of Lifestyle Today, okay I think this would be enough. I also had another blog called ‘Inspiring Life’. Unfortunately, it inspired a lot of people, really a huge number of audiences. It was so much inspiration for the people that Google had to ban it.

Other than publishing blogs on this website, I’ve written over 2000 articles for various clients and over various different niches. My career in writing started as a freelance writer at iwriter.com. Then I started working at a digital marketing company and also wrote articles for myself. The article that really intrigued me to make my own blog was, “How can we change the differences between men and women” This was something that awakened the perfect ten Nikhil Raj, and I started writing blogs.

Meantime, I joined Asian Academy of Films and Television, to finish my graduation. I would have been graduate by this time but the perfect ten of me was trying to get success in the field of medicine, which definitely was not me. At the film school, I made many films like –

  • Ajeeb dastan hai yeh, which secured 7th rank at a renowned film festival. I had written the film and was the leading man in the film. The film was directed by Manvi Tayal, while I was also in the film as the associate director of the film.

  • 8 Din Ki farwary, which was a grand hit. The film was directed by Kartik Singh. I was hired as an assistant director in the film.

  • Judgemental was a film directed by Preetika Pahwa and I was hired as a Cinematographer and associate director in the film.

There are many more films to come yet. There are videos that I have worked in.

Writing has always been my first love. When it comes to writing, I always have so many ideas on my plate that I can’t ever think of quitting this game.

Other than these success stories, there is a side that I don’t want people to explore but, knowing that I don’t give a damm to the taunts of the super-efficient and successful world, I can tell you about it. I have written four and a half books in the last two years. But, unfortunately, for these four and a half books, I couldn’t find a single publisher. Oh, my bad, I am sorry. I had finally got a publisher who liked my story, the way I wrote. Things had gone very far. I was about to receive a contract, but now it is the time when I don’t get a reply to my mail from them. The funniest thing happened in all this was that I was defamed in front of the entire community and then I realized, I need to be patient. So, I published Lifestyle Today and informed nobody. Hahaha… that was foolishness. So, I created a WhatsApp broadcast and added all the people, whose messages I never read, and finally sent the link of my blog. Huh… it was not that tough. Trust me… at least I can do this much to get basic traffic on my blog in the beginning.

So, this was a glimpse of my life. You know me right. I am… Sorry, my name is Nikhil Raj, a ten-character name, inclusive of the space in between, which is as metaphorical as I am in real life. And, I still am not sure, if I am a perfect ten. Actually, I never judge people and so I don’t judge myself, so I don’t rate myself (best way to escape when you can’t make things on your side). Simple.

Don’t you dare have any negative thoughts about me. You know who I am. Don’t you?

Lots of love (Can’t give kisses and hugs, my girlfriend might get offended)

Nikhil Raj

I know I look way hotter in real life and in my pictures than my film. Hahaha…