My Career In My Country… Dear Prime Minister Please Consider It Seriously

My Career In My Country… Dear Prime Minister Please Consider It Seriously

My Career In My Country… Dear Prime Minister Please Consider It Seriously

Hi! I am the youth, youth of India and I am here to talk about my career in my country. Dear prime minister, you are the one I know and the one that has guaranteed me to have a shining career. My name is Indian youth. I am here to ask about my career, and my career means my career, rather taking over my dad’s career, unfortunately, I don’t even have that. Unlike many others, I don’t want to fly abroad and make foreigners utilize my talent. I want my country to use my talent. I want my country to be proud of myself and get benefited by my talent, rather just tell people that Nikhil Raj is an Indian, and be proud of me, and make no use of me.

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My past few experiences to some government offices drove me to conclude some very important points, which are important to understand, why do Indians work abroad and settle down in different countries of the world, but India. My country is a land of talent, diverse talent, but the management here needs a lot more improvement. The nation is growing but the traditions are still old. If you go to a government bank, you will have to almost spend half of your day to get your job done. I don’t need to tell people what can one do in half of a day. Indians try to work hard and they do, but the selfishness of the system does not let them come up from the mud pool of unemployment.

The biggest problem that I think in government offices in this country is that the employs don’t understand that we pay them to do our job, rather they do us a favour by doing our job. This behaviour of the employs at government offices is very disappointing and frustrating for the Indian youth. At these places, you can get your job done, just by two ways, either you pay them in cash, or you can try to pay them in fear as if they happen to be your father. This is not how it should have happened. I mean why can’t it just be normal. Why can’t I just go and talk to them normally and get my job done? Why? Is it that tough? Why do these government job employs don’t value the time and patience of the common people? This is a serious question and it is important for the people who drive this nation, to consider it seriously.

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Well… you must be thinking; I am just presenting philosophy without any proof. I don’t think any fellow countrymen want me to present any proof to prove my points, yet I will present a few stories that will prove, what system is doing.

I know the nation is growing, but those who will drive the nation in future, are they growing? Am I growing as a youth of this nation? I don’t think so. I am very insecure about my career. I really had no idea how will I find my career. My dad is a small doctor, I can’t even join his business, because it is not like selling rice and potato. Our prime minister directs the youth to sell ‘pakoras and samosas’. I don’t think I am that down in my career.

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My God’s grace I’ve got a mind, which is capable of deep thinking and then presenting it through my words. So, I started writing blogs and wanted to earn some money through it. But this system is not letting me do this now. The easiest way to earn money through blogs is by posting ads on your website. You can simply create an AdSense account and post its approval; you will be able to show ads on your website and earn money. But there is one more step involved before you start earning money. It was going all good and stress-free unless it was about me and Google. But then jumped India post. There is a formality that you need to go through to get our payment on AdSense.

AdSense sends you a letter, which is to verify your address. I was eagerly waiting for the letter to arrive, but the time passed and I received no news about the letter. I was very disappointed and this is when I decided to go to the post office and talk to the officer. And so, I did. I went to the office, but I couldn’t find the man I wanted to meet as he always came late to office. He used to be present in the office around one and a half-hour after the call time. I was disappointed again. But I am still patient I am not at all frustrated. I waited for the officer to arrive. I thought it would be a job of a few minutes, but almost two hours had passed away by now. I don’t need to tell people how much work could I have done. But that’s not the end of the struggle. I asked the officer to check if there is any letter for me. The way he spoke me was much worse than someone talks to a servant. I didn’t bother to remind him that he was my servant but focused on getting my job done. I pleaded him and asked him again to check as if I was his servant and was asking him for an early salary. But in the end, he didn’t check just said, “You have given your address, then why do you come here to disturb us. It will reach your home. Go now.” I was disappointed again. And this time, my patience got a bit loosened up and led me to say, “Yes sir, it will reach my home, like it did, two other times earlier.” Yes, this was the third time the letter was coming for me. Nobody had no report about the other two times.

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Although I was disappointed, I was not frustrated, I kept on thinking and found out the answer to some questions. It is surprising that there are a lot of jobs in the USA for Indians, but in India youth is asked to sell tea and snacks and those who grow beyond this and try to find out a different path to live life, are crushed under the selfish and false ego of the Indian administration. The CEO of Google, Mastercard, Microsoft and many other companies that almost regulate the world economy, are Indians. But why is it that they haven’t been able to make India of their use. I’ve got the answer. If Sundar Pichai can make software like Google Chrome and others, he could have established his own business in India as well. But, the reason why nobody does that, is because they are tired. And why will they not be? If my system if selfish, why shouldn’t I be? India not just lacks resources for these talents to preserve, but also does not have the atmosphere where these creatures could breathe.

This is just one story, there are many more to come. A small-town boy who had just completed his intermediate and was waiting for his graduation forms. He decided to help his father economically by doing some job. Instead of going to a shop and working as labour, he chooses to work from home. He purchased a second-hand computer and began to work as a freelancer. His job was to do data entry. For a week, he was very dedicated and loved working hard. He got his first payment, a week later, which made him very proud. But this happiness was not gonna last any longer. The electricity supply in small towns is very less. He lacked proper hours of electricity, due to which he couldn’t work and after a week, he received a payment which was half of the payment he had received in the first week.

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It is not that the nation is not growing, but the basics have not been cleared yet. And it is really stupid if you can solve 8th standard maths and jump over to class 10th. There are many more cases. A man received his joining letter for assistant commissioner of police, after the late date of joining. This isn’t funny. This is how the system works in India.

A man who was expecting his joining letter from the post office had to bribe the postman with new clothes, cash and lots of sweets before the arrival of the letter so that he could come and hand over the letter to the person it is for.

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This is India. It looks very beautiful from the outside, but what lies within, is something that just lies within. In the last article, titled, “India, ‘Fifty years behind’ or ‘Hundred and twenty-one years ahead’ of the superpower“, I proved how India is ahead of the other superpowers. I might be correct, but this is something that is making the youth abandon the nation and allow the superpowers to use their talent and grow bigger with every passing moment.

I am a film making student. I make films, I want to create a change through my writing, my blog, my films, but is this allowed in this country. To be very honest, I (Youth) am allowed to be selfish. Yes, I am allowed, because I have given 72 years to this country to help me, yet I fail.

Warm regards
Indian Youth

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