7 Best Tips On How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

7 Best Tips On How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

7 Best Tips On How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

A relationship is not just two people staying together and sharing love, rather it is two souls staying connected, no matter what distance the bodies live at. Well, this isn’t the same for most of the people, who date casually. They just date to have fun and satisfy the need of having someone to share feelings and bed with. But there are few who go beyond the needs and roll over to the wants. And these wants of two souls is named love. So, come let’s explore the 7 best tips on how to make a long-distance relationship work.

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Relationship, dating, and love, these are three phases that every couple might go through. But to predict a correct order is as tough as making the ocean empty. Not everyone is lucky to reach the stage of love. But if we see through a different view, the toughest things are to find all three. For a couple it is not at all important to let go things in the correct order, because there is not any, what is actually important is to find all three. Sometimes love happens, but you don’t get lucky enough to date and move into a relationship with your love, while many other times other situations also occur, where you are in a relationship you have finished dating but, there is no scope for love.

Things can go anywhere; you can do nothing with it. You might not know what you’ve got but you definitely know what you want and if it is not love, you are free to move back. And focus on what you want. “If you can’t stop love coming towards you, you can go away from love.’

The other day I was watching a film called ‘No strings attached’ there was an awesome dialogue, “You don’t pick who you fall in love with, and it never happens as it should.” This is a line for those who think they’ve found love very early in their life. There is nothing called right time to love anyone because if there was then I don’t think the wisest minds of the world would have ever been born on this planet. Or actually, some deep thinking leads me to discover the fact that nothing in this world has happened as it should. Neither Newton discovered Gravity like he should have done it, nor Zuckerberg made Facebook at the time he should. Predictions work rarely, no matter if it is share market or love or the biggest gift, life. All the planning and efforts that you make to find the love of your life at the right turn of your life, get drained when the flood of responsibility and other factors hit your life. This is the moment, when you realize, what was a relationship for you, was your true love. And as I said, there is no right time to for it to happen.

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It is my advice for you to not let the one go out of your life. So, don’t you wait, till you realize that he was the one you’ve been waiting for. Because life and love never welcome latecomers. So, it is better to move into a long-distance relationship rather breaking up.

A long-distance relationship is the test of any relationship, which somewhere brings love to your knowledge. This is the phase when you know that, whether this is that I’ve been waiting for, or it’s just another relationship.

Relationship problems are not always very expensive for the relationship all the time. But there are a few that can cause problems and might also lead to a breakup.

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7 most important things to do in a long-distance relationship, which will make a long-distance relationship work

1. Never communicate on text: communication is the key to build a relationship that lasts long. But it never takes time for communication to get converted into miscommunication. You never know what the other person interprets from your words. So, it is important to attach emotions along with the words, which is only possible when you talk rather chat. Chatting can cause misunderstanding, which might toxify your relationship. So, try to communicate on call and share the moments of love together.

2. Prioritize time for things: When you are in a long-distance relationship, the most important thing that pushes you away from your partner is the difference in your priorities at different times. You don’t get time together. You are always busy with something and the while you find yourself free, your partner might be doing something. It becomes very tough for both to reach each other spontaneously. So, you need to prioritize things. You need to find a window, where you both can communicate and share some quality moments of love.

3. Build a personal life: It is okay to have a personal life for yourself, where only you exist with yourself. You have your work, and colleagues, whom you connect with. You must always invest in yourself and allow the other person to evolve within themselves and be a better person for you. Don’t let them hold back any of their feelings, discuss them and find a solution. Build a personal life, where you could be a better person to deserve the other one.

4. See it as an opportunity: This is the time of the relationship where you get time to have a jumpstart to your relationship. You can use this time as an opportunity and discover more about your partner. This will help you build a better relationship and will make your partner feel happy about you and your relationship, killing the thoughts of separations from their mind.

5. Stay honest with each other: No matter how hard might the situation be, what kind of fight it might lead to, you have to be honest with your partner. Because in the end, your partner will realize that you are honest and this will be your victory weapon. So, stay honest and never break the trust of your partner, because it’s easy to break but hard to build.

6. Talk dirty often: This might sound kinky and lusty but it is important to have physical intimacy to build a proper relationship. It is important to make your partner realise that you’re still interested in him/her. Talking dirty establishes a different level of comfort and allows you to unfold the covers and live your long-distance relationship like you are living together and sleeping on the same bed.

7. Send gifts: Your partner always loves getting surprises and receiving gifts from you. When you are not with your partner, your gifts are the things that keep them closer to you. So, to have an amazing long-distance relationship you should always please your partner with gifts.  No matter how costly it is. A Rose can also be your gift for her. Yes, a rose too can make a long-distance relationship work. By the way, you can select a gift from this amazing collection of gifts for your loved ones.

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So, this is how you can make a long-distance relationship work. All of these tips that re mentioned here are tried and tested on various people. So, rest assured, these tips will surely make a long-distance relationship work. It will make your relationship work and last longer. Please do tell me know how do you like it…

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