Life is beautiful : Discover hidden facts about your life

Life is beautiful : Discover hidden facts about your life

Life is beautiful: Discover hidden facts about your life

Life is beautiful… Is it? Well before we could actually affirm that it is beautiful, it is important for us to understand what really is it? So, what is life? Hahaha… this could be the question which has an infinite number of answers. Before writing this blog, I counted a survey, and guess what I found. My survey concluded me to state that “What is life?” is a question that has the maximum number of answers in the world. Rolling back to our topic, life has a huge number of meanings. The number of people you ask, the number of answers you get. For a person life can be a race, while the other would say life is a game, some say it’s fun, while some say it’s a book. So, there is no such definition that could explain what it actually is.

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Asking me about life, I would say it is a moment and every moment is life. “What is life?” has a different meaning for me, which drives me to conclude the fact that “life is beautiful”. Moments are the most beautiful thing that could ever happen in the universe. They are the most beautiful element. And now that this is a moment for me, for me, my life is beautiful.

Beauty and dreams have a very strange relationship. Everything that we imagine, we try to achieve, we dream about, they are beautiful. And when these effects are seen in the real world, the lips couldn’t stop calling it beautiful. Moment and beauty also have one such relation but this is completely antagonist to the relation with the dream.  Where moment marks the end of beauty, dreams define it as the beginning of beauty.

life is beautiful
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Every moment is beautiful and so is life. A very famous dialogue from the film ‘3 Idiots’ says, “Nobody in this world is a loser, because if they were, they would have been destroyed as a sperm itself. If you can win the race against millions of sperms and can be born, then you can mark any victory on your name.” Life is a victory, and this one is a fair one either. This victory called life is beautiful. The way you look at it is beautiful. The way you love is beautiful. The way you care is beautiful. Everything about life is beautiful and will always be.

The most beautiful part of life is life, the feeling of livelihood. “One can experience life” is something that adds the most to the making of this article. Can you ever experience death? Who knows? But, even though you can, can you tell people, how you feel death? I don’t think so. Hence, Life is beautiful, this feeling is beautiful.

Moments make life beautiful. Irrespective of what you feel at any moment, every moment that you’re a part of, is beautiful. This is the point when many of you readers will disagree, but trust me this disagreement isn’t gonna last long. You say what is beautiful when you are sad. Yeah, this part is also beautiful. If you ask me, sadness is more beautiful than happiness. Disagreement continues… well, allow me to explain…

While you are happy, you smile, you laugh and do everything that you like. The ambience around you is completely positive. You see beautiful things, watch beautiful movies and visit beautiful places. Your life seems to be the happiest and tension seems to stay as far as the sun. There is no force that could bring negativity any closer to you unless you are happy. So, beautiful is happiness. Isn’t it? But what about sadness? Is it the same? What happens when you’re sad? What do you do? I generally plugin my earplugs and sit aside. I disconnect myself with the world and think of random things. I know when I am sad, I cannot think of something specific. But in the course of these random thinking, I discover something that I could have never found in any stage of my consciousness. This thinking is beautiful. The way you open your mind in sadness in beautiful. The way you try finding yourself within is beautiful.

I won’t say sadness is more beautiful than happiness, but I dare to have no questions about their equality. This is something that pushes you upwards in your lives. Happiness shows you the beauty of the world outside of you, but sadness shows the beauty lives within. You are not here to choose any of them, you are here for living. And life is a moment, which is both sad and happy. But now that we know, no matter what our phase are we in, happy or sad, life is beautiful and will always remain the same.

How is life beautiful? Try it and share your experience. But before that find out, what it means to you. I hope you will then not just be an admirer of beauty but will also bring it to your use.

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  1. It’s really nicely expressed. Very deep thoughts. The part where you mention the film 3 idiots is the best sentence that proves no one is a loser haha

    1. Thank you so much… After all, blogs are the best place to share your personal experiences. Just trying to spread positivity.

  2. Normally I do not learn article on blogs, however
    I would like to say that this write-up very compelled
    me to take a look at and do so! Your writing style has been amazed
    me. Thank you, quite nice article.

    1. Thanks a lot… I am glad you liked my writing style and am very happy to hear that you stopped by to read my blog. Thanks a lot.

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