Is Water Wet?

Is Water Wet?

Is water wet? Let’s explore…

You must be laughing by now, but trust me, this isn’t gonna last any longer. Is water wet? The first look of the question drives you to conclude you that I am an illogical person and has no farthest relations with science. But, don’t blow your head, when I say I was a science student for five long years. Ya… it’s hard to believe, but unfortunately, I was. Okay… so let’s cut the selfish introduction and put all our brain in unfurling the hidden naughty mystery behind the wetness… of water… obviously. So, here we go on a journey to find, ‘Is water wet?’ in all the ways – logically, illogically and philosophically.

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You must be thinking if this is actually possible. I mean how can something make others wet, when it is not wet itself. Why not? It is not necessary for you to use the products you endorse. You don’t need to be a scout them away. You don’t need to be an iron to cut one. You just need the right tool to do the job. That’s what we are talking about here. The tool that makes other things wet, when they come in contact with water is a cohesive force. The molecules of water share a cohesive force among themselves, which gives water, the power to make those objects wet which shares adhesive bonds between their molecules. See it is again about the powers. Doesn’t matter how powerful you are, but if you don’t wanna be wet. You must have the power of cohesive bonds. So, during rains, it is better to ask for some cohesive forces rather rain-covers and umbrellas.

We have come a lot far, have also talked a lot about science, yet haven’t been able to drive our minds to the conclusion. Let’s try some more. Wetness is a property defined by the cohesive forces, while the one that becomes wet are those which carry adhesive forces. Water is a compound, in which millions of molecules, in the sets of 2 hydrogens and 1 oxygen, is present, which are bound by the cohesive forces. So, here we come one step closer to the answer to ‘Is water wet’. From the studies above, my mind drives me to conclude that ‘Water is wet’ but as a compound. But, the fact, that a single molecule of H2O is also called water drives us to continue our study.

There is a very interesting fact related to the forces. If you don’t have a kingdom, you are not a king. Similarly, if there is no volume, there is no wetness. Water is not wet unless in volume. To be more precise it is not even liquid, if not in a volume. Now that water is not even liquid, if not in a volume, then expecting it to make others wet would be a clear case of stupidity.

The studies that I have conducted till now are quite interesting, not enough to make me regret, quitting science, but to answer the question ‘Is water wet?’

“Water is wet as a compound, but not as a molecule.” So, now you know the right answer to ‘Is water wet’.

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The concept of wetness of water is no less than the concept of love. It is not always necessary for a person to be very cute and beautiful to fall in love with. The rigid body of a man and fluffy booty of a woman is not at all necessary for someone to love. It is love; the spark that comes out from your body that makes you a loveable person. Like water makes others wet and isn’t confirm whether it is wet itself, love makes others happy, with a blindfold over the mind, which, which makes you feel no sensation. You just dive into the smile of your loved ones and feel it through your heart, which makes your eyes blush and your mind shine.

Love is no less than wetness. As the absorption of wetness makes the rigid land cultivating, love makes blossoms flowers in the rigid gardens of love. There is no difference between wetness and love. Wetness has no existence without volume and so is the same with love. Love has no existence without loved ones. So, love your loved ones as wetness loves volume. There is no existence of a liquid, without a volume, likewise, there is no love without loved ones.

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So, love the one you love and keep love blossoming in the open gardens of heart.


Nikhil Raj

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