India, ‘Fifty years behind’ or ‘Hundred and twenty-one years ahead’ of the superpower

India, ‘Fifty years behind’ or ‘Hundred and twenty-one years ahead’ of the superpower

India, ‘Fifty years behind’ or ‘Hundred and twenty-one years ahead’ of the superpower

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India, a nation with 29 states, 640 districts, 22 major languages, 9 religions and 3000 major castes, has all that it requires to stand itself on the top of the world. It feels me very rewarding to be a resident of a country, which contains so much of variations in what so ever sphere you step into. The language would be the weapon for me to convey my thoughts consisted of the previous sentence. Facts state that a variation is witnessed in the language of the people after every 30 kilometres in India.

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Well, as in your minds you might have started inspecting whether these impossible-looking facts do really exist. A fine gentleman opened his beautiful mouth to ask for a proof and the most common, and probably an example that can be understood by the world as well came out of me through my words. The set of words were something like, “People use different gestures to express themselves in Chandni Chowk, which is completely different from the people of South Delhi, and the while we turn our eyes to the facts, the distance between them is much less than 30 kilometres either (22.1 KM).

Allow me to keep aside all the social, political and border issues of the nation. I know there are problems, where isn’t? I know we are fighting for Kashmir Yet, girls are being molested, crime is increasing, gender stereotype issues, low pay of women, corrupt politicians, unavailability of wealth and resources, but have we ever focused on something that we have. Have we ever looked back and have applauded for the achievements of the nation? Have we ever remembered the days before our freedom? Out of all the evils of the nation have we ever tried to stand by it? There is no need of bowing your head down of shame. It won’t be necessary for the nation. I don’t think the nation wants us to do something that we are ashamed of, something that drags us to a situation, which intrigues us to bow our head down rather nation wants us to achieve the heights of the sky and keeps our head kissing the sky.

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The other day I heard a man speaking the wrong words against India. I reached to that person and asked why was he doing so? In a sympathy filled voice, the man told me that the truth is always bitter. That man thought that India, a country having over 1.25 billion people, with all the statistics I just mentioned above is a poor country and is fifty years backward to that of the United States. I’m not sure about you guys but this thought really inspired my conclusion.

The man had insulted my nation and this was making me restless. His words were completely indigestible for me. Although the day went against the moon favoured my mind and led my heart to fix the bug in the words of that fine anonyms gentleman. Eventually, I found out that the fine gentleman had a cliché mentality, which in my dictionary is called ‘Hear and their disease’. In this disease, a person hears something from somewhere and transfers it to the other end, putting some taste-enhancing spices to the dish.

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So, what I have fathomed and heard is completely antagonist to what actually is India talked about. Talking about the United States of America, the oldest democracy acquired independence in 1776, while India got the same in the year 1947. Concentring our focus on the dates intrigues me to feel bad about America, yes I really do. Now if you see the dates, you’re going to find that America was a free nation 171 years prior to India. So, concentrating your back on the chapters of facts, it gives me extreme pleasure to inform the world that India is not running 50 years behind America rather it is 121 years ahead of where it was supposed to be. As a nation starts its race after its birth, which probably is considered to be the independence in our case, I am pleased by that fine gentleman who criticised my India saying, ‘India is running 50 years behind America’. I really am pleased to hear that, because what it was actually supposed to be 171 years behind, but it is just fifty years. This is a kind of joke for me. The scenario reminds me of a wonderful joke, which is, “A younger brother tells his elder ones that he will chase his age and one day will reach to the age he is.” Something like this is happening with India and America. This is funny, and I know it.

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32.1 crores, this is the population of the United States, which doesn’t even match the one-fourth population of India. So now the case is quite clear. I know whom to be proud of. It’s time for you to choose who do you want to admire, a nation with a bunch of people and 171 years of span for development of a nation, which stands 121 years ahead of where it is should’ve been with its 121 crores of population. The decision is yours because you are the resident of the largest democracy of the world and as far as I am concerned about quality large is always better than old.

Be the change you wish to see…

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6 Replies to “India, ‘Fifty years behind’ or ‘Hundred and twenty-one years ahead’ of the superpower”

  1. I like the way you have expressed it. The part where you say India is 121 years ahead of where it should be is quite interesting.

    But, should the speed of another nation’s development be our speed of development? India has its own speed and qualities. All countries have their own unique qualities.

    It is great that our country has so much diversity. But when there is so much diversity, more and more opposing views are there. This leads to slowed development. I honestly feel our country could develop at a faster rate than it is now. Evils like corruption and crime seem to be ingrained in the country it self now and there doesn’t seem any way out of it. Our country can be a lot better than it is now.

    I love my country, India. But we really need to save it’s culture and diversity. It is the duty of our generation to improve it further. Jai Hind 🇮🇳

    1. You are right, the speed of other nations shouldn’t be ours, in fact, this article, or actually, the facts say that we are growing faster than the superpowers did. So if we see through that corner, our country is ahead.
      I also agree with your point. If the political scenario of this nation would have been better, the pace would have been much faster.
      Thank you… thank you so much for such amazing thoughts.

      1. You’re right, we are growing faster than other superpowers did. I’m so glad you welcome everyone’s thoughts. I love this blog 😊

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