Incorrect Configuration of Women

Incorrect Configuration of Women

How are women different from men

Women are always not only considered, but also are equally important to the building of a society, or say a universe. Women, the word itself is greater than men, then why is it that they always have to stand less in the society in front of the men. As far as I am concerned God has done injustice with them. Just think of the days during their periods, how painful and uncomfortable they are. How fair it would be if it was in a way that, the women should get their periods in the alternate months and the month gaps would be filled by their partners. And in the same way pregnancies should also be divided, first child from one partner and the second from the other one. I think this would be a fair configuration that, god should have created.

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But how do expect God to be fair with the ladies, just look for the ratio of male and female gods and you will yourself get to know the reason behind this injustice. Ok let me make it easier for you, I will do the work for you. Starting with Hindu religion, Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh, the three main lords of the Hindu religion and the interesting fact is that three of them are men then how could you expect a Hindu man to have such a configuration that might trouble him, obviously they will opt the women for the trouble. The Christians too have the same system Jesus Christ is a male and is the main god of the Christians, so same as the Hindus he would also choose the other sex group to face the trouble.

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The above-listed statistics brings me to conclude that from the beginning of the time male has dominated over the females, irrespective of their community, whether they are gods, animals, demons, or the most intelligent creatures, The humans. The females have always been suppressed by the males in every perspective of their life. The males have always maintained their supremacy over females.

With the present configuration of the females, I believe women can never stand equal to the men of the society. Anyway, if someone tries to do so then she has to get rid of so much of her bad habits like the power to bear a lot more pain than a man could ever, being more patient, being multitalented and most importantly they will have to stop producing scoundrels.

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However, when a woman gets a chance to prove herself, she rarely is able to achieve the attention which she needs. She works very hard, fairly equal to a man, or even better than a man, but at the end of the day what she is, an item and all the people are fans of her curves and her looks. She rarely gets compliments for the purpose, which she should actually, rather she always gets to hear people raising questions on her character, while if this is done to a man it becomes a compliment for him.

I would say, imagine a world in you replace women and think of the suffering and tell me your experience. Or imagine a world without women.

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4 Replies to “Incorrect Configuration of Women”

  1. Your thoughts are very interesting and captivating. The fact that there are more male Gods to female Gods in every religion is actually very true. It has got me thinking.

    But, I also believe that maybe God thinks women can endure more pain than men and are more strong to bring a new life to this world. God has probably made them stronger than men and it’s this society that doesn’t give them the respect they’re supposed to get.

    I believe there will be a time when women will be the superpowers and rise above men soon. The fact that they hold the right to bring a new life to this world created by God is what makes them the most powerful. Proud to be a woman 😊🙋

    1. I love the positivity you carry in your thoughts. I love it when this kind of meanings come out of my content. Wonderful…
      Thank you so much

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