How to overcome fear? My biggest fear in life.

How to overcome fear? My biggest fear in life.

Hi! I am Nikhil Raj and today I am gonna share with you my biggest fear in life and how to overcome fear. I have been trying to write this for a long time, but you shouldn’t blow trumpet unless you have a breathing problem. What I mean is that I wanted a solution for myself first, only then I could help you out. Now that I think I have fathomed my fear to almost all of its profundity and have made it a strength of mine, I am ready to share my experiences. And let others know how to overcome fear.

Never Be Afraid how to overcome fear my biggest fear in life

So, my biggest fear in life was the fear of getting rejected. I would use the verb ‘is’ rather than ‘was’, as still have this fear, but the change I’ve witnessed within is that I am no more bothered about my fear of being rejected.

My biggest fear in life, the fear of being rejected, also called rejection sensitive dysphoria (RSD), has been the reason, I couldn’t discuss my career with my parents. I was always afraid if they would not approve of my passion. And this fear made me waste three exquisite years of my teenage.

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I always wanted to be a writer, but unless I learnt the fact that I had a fear of rejections, I couldn’t gather any courage to speak to them about it. This was the time, I realized, why was I so shy in the class and didn’t ask any question to the teacher.

Another fact that has puzzled me a lot is that if fear of rejections was my biggest fear in life then, why is that the girls always approve of me. Where do all those daring come from? Even now my girl is the best girl in the entire college. How could have all these been possible? Anyway, this is a whole new story itself.

Before moving any forward, I would first introduce you to fear. What is fear in real? Is fear what you think it is? Or it is a feeling you’ve never been introduced to. What is it that you always experience and name it as fear? Let’s find out what is it, let’s find out what actually fear is.

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What is fear?

Fear is a feeling persuaded by alleged danger or threat, which causes a change in metabolic, organ functions, leading to the change in behaviour of an individual. Fear in human beings occurs due to some stimulus in the present or an anticipation of the future.

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“False Evidence Appearing Real” this the full form of fear suggested by Now, if you can see the first letter of fear, which is F, stands for false, so do you assume that your fear is real. Fear is a truth, but it is just in the mind. It is just the response of our body towards a certain situation.

So, what I believe is that ‘fear’ exists but ‘fear of’ is a myth that you need to scrap and start accepting yourself and the world around you.

How to overcome fear?

What I believe about fear is that fear is the eldest child of overthinking. The time you stop overthinking, you stop fearing. Now that I’ve made clear that there’s nothing called ‘fear of’ you just need to work on how to overcome fear. And the workout is as simple as asking food to your mom. I hope that’s what easy is for you.

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how to over come fear 
what is fear

When you are heading to do something, the first thing that clicks in your mind is the consequences of the event that you are gonna perform. Trust me, this is where you pull yourself back in the row and restrict yourself from reading the world and vice versa. This feeling that you have at this point of time is what fear seems to be like.

So, if you just stop worrying about the consequences and accept yourself in the present, your job is done. You have overcome fear.

This was the only technique that helps me overcome my fear.

Share your fear

Earlier I used to think like you, and never shared my fear with anyone. I just kept it inside me and froze myself at situations. I used to think if I share, I will actually start believing that I am afraid, and this was where I missed it. I didn’t know it then, but accepting is the key. It’s the element that pushes you to fight your fear and return with a victory badge.

So, why don’t you share your vision with me, I am sure I can help you to some extent. Also please rest assured, these things are between me and you. I really have helped myself and had developed a shield against my fear. I hope my experiences can be of your use. So, fill the form below and share your experiences. I would really be proud, if my experiences can be used to help someone.

I assure you the privacy of your information shared in this form.

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As my concluding words I would say, fear is a truth that humanity has accepted, which is not even wrong, but the biggest fear in life, which happens to be ‘Fear of’ is an untruth. This is something that does not really exist. It is your mind that has created some false responses towards some stuff that you don’t like or you don’t wanna get closer to, and you declare it as your fear. But what actually is, is your lack of being accepting. You don’t accept the situations. You don’t accept yourself. You just try to be the one you are not. Well, it is not bad to be like someone, but losing your identity in this course is surely a disappointing thing that you do. So, accept yourself the way you are. Trust me, there is not a person that can beat you in whatever you do after that. You have it all, all you need to do is push yourself.

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