How to forget someone you love?

How to forget someone you love?

How to forget someone you love? How to get over a breakup?

It is not easy to fall in love with someone and neither it is easy to fall out of love. But the toughest part is still left untouched, which is forgetting someone you love. “How to forget someone you love”, this is something that I wanted to write for a long time as I had received a lot of queries related to this issue.

For me, there is no magnitude of love. This can be directional, but I totally believe that there is no magnitude of love. It is either yes or no. Either you love someone or you don’t, it is as simple as that.

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Directional love implies that love can be negative or positive. And negative love implies love which causes harm to the one you are in love with. And positive is the one antagonist to this negative love.

Everything in this world has to come to an end and relationships are a part of it. There is a time when you quit something and move on to the next big thing waiting for you ahead in life.

Love is something that has no reason to happen, but when it comes to putting an end to it, people look for reasons. Isn’t it unfair?

The decision of breakup

There is not any right time to breakup, when you break up is the right time to do it.

It is your decision to breakup. Sometimes this is mutual, while the other times one partner imposes their decision on you. In my opinion, if this isn’t mutual, this has to happen for sure. I am not sure if the person hurting you deserves you or not, but the person imposing such big decisions on you definitely does not deserve to be with you. So, its better to breakup with such people.

It is not that the decision of breaking up is correct all the time. There are times when you realize breaking up with the person you loved was a mistake, at these times you are free to go back to your loved one and ask them to accept you and obviously they are free to say no either. Now it’s your love, that would bring that person back to you, nothing else really matters. It is completely up to you that you wanna explore more, or you have found the person you should stop at.

I hope you don’t ask me who do you wanna stop at. It is your decision and you should individually deal with it.

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To answer the question “How to forget someone you love?”, we need to go through three main stages after a breakup. Here we go –

Three main post-breakup stages to forget someone you love

  1. Cut the ties: You need to let go of yourself from all the things that make you remind of the person, once you were with. Each time you get closer to those things, you invite the memories of the person you loved, leading to an emotional breakdown, which would resist you move ahead in your life. So, cutting out completely is important.
  2. Let it all come out: if you just had a breakup, let the world know about it. Well, actually it is not you that announce before the world, they are the activities that you do. You must be angry, wanna cry, and do a lot more things. Do it. Don’t let anything stay inside you. Puke it out, puke all the emotions you want to. Do not resist.
  3. Move on: Okay… So now you have done everything. Nothing is left behind now. You have cut yourself from all his memories, you have puked all your emotions for your ex, now it is the time you find the old you. Do things that you used to do as a single person. Just enjoy every moment and do what you like, without having anyone to grant consent to you.
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10 easy and mind-blowing ways, how to forget someone you love? –

1. Let all your frustration go off you

I know you want to take out your frustration on someone. You want to break things and take it all out. Then why don’t you do it? Find a place where you can break things and not cause a lot of loss of property. Go break things, but also limit yourself to some time.

2. Delete all your photos together

The more you see the person on your canvass, the more you invite their memories to damage you. So, it is better to delete all your photos together and burn all the photos you have in the physical form. You better do this quickly, if you don’t wanna keep missing the person.

3. Minimal interaction with your ex

There might be a possibility that you guys have ended at good conditions and. You both have nothing bad within about each other. Yet, to move on in your life, you will have to reduce the interaction to find someone likeable. This is the harsh truth. Your ex, which happens to be your friend now, has to go out of your life, at least unless you find someone else, or delete him from your heart.

4. Rearrange your place

You have recently been through a huge change in your life. So, to erase those memories and forget someone you love, you need to rearrange your home and don’t let the things of your home remind you about your ex.

5. Feel numb for sometime

It is okay to be emotionally numb for a while after your breakup. You really don’t have to feel anything. It is just like to end up something you need a break and this numbness will be that break that you need before a fresh start. Feel numb to just the erase the emotions you don’t want to have.

6. Open yourself to new possibilities

When you open yourself to the new possibilities of the world. This is the most appropriate answer to the question “how to forget someone you love?” When you open yourself to new possibilities, you open yourself to making new memories and this way your new memories will overcome the memories of your ex. This is how you can overcome your ex.

7. Hangout with other friends

You are now single. This is the time to change the person on the other side of the table. When you were in a relationship, you don’t really go out with someone, but your partner. But now you are single. Get back with your friend and make hell lots of memories.

8. Indulge yourself in other activities

There a lot of things to do other than thinking about your ex. Just forget it and think about what you could do now. Eat a lot, if you are a foodie. Travel if you are a travel freak. Do whatever that makes you feel happy, but thinking about the one that does not deserve you.

9. Take your time

Take some time to find yourself. Take time to fly somewhere and look for something interesting. Spend some time with yourself. It is not necessary to be with someone all the time. Sometimes, the solitary you make you realize that you are a solitaire. So, just spend time with yourself and feel like your own to yourself.

10. Send a hate email

This might sound a little filmy, but this is true. Don’t write a long paragraph on WhatsApp or Facebook, email works better. It will give you an official feel, which will make sure it is over and you have puked all that you had for the person. Try it this works.

Important tip: Do not do things out of control. Please keep in mind that you and your partner are two different people now and even then, do not try to compete. You have your own life, which definitely has no space for any kind of stupidity. Take care of yourself, not those memories, you made together.

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Starting to date someone else is not the answer to “How to forget someone you love?”. There are many more ways you can forget someone you love. So, just look after yourself and the best shall be reaching you anytime.

Happy Breakup
Take care 

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