How to avoid being judgemental?

How to avoid being judgemental?

Let’s avoid being judgemental and quit passing judgement on people based on certain grounds. These facts that’ll amaze you for sure

I was at a wedding the other day and was having food with a bunch of my friends. I was a bit conscious in front of them as I was meeting them after a long time. I felt like I was being judged, but a moment later I realized it wasn’t me. A man was getting some food for himself from the food counter and one of my friends said, “See what a bhukad (greedy for food he is).” I was amazed to hear this from him as I saw the friend himself didn’t even have an inch of space in his plate. Then I realized it was the man as well. It was the friend, trying to act cool. He had a different level of superiority complex, which was his reason for being judgemental, or it was his judgement for others that made him be trapped by the superiority complex?

How to avoid being Judgemental?

Meaning of judgemental

A person having an overly critical point of view about someone or judging a person on the basis of his/her colour, wealth, taste, style, or anything and everything they do, is defined as judgemental. This is a negative term used to describe someone who rushes to pass judgement over no reason. Judgemental are the people who form lots of opinions about someone and the cause of this judgment has no reason. These judgements are generally harsh and critically harming for the confidence and self-esteem of the person being judged. Judgemental are the people who are generally narrow-minded and can never be easy going. Judging people is a part of their life, and they cannot imagine a life without it.

It is not at all easy for a person to be judgemental. Just imagine how talented would they be, who can find faults in every single thing that is witnessed by their eyes. No matter how expensive or how elegant thing you wear, no matter which way you stand, or how polite you be in your words, these are the people that always have something that can kill all the self-confidence you have worn. There is nothing gonna be left after you see them, sorry they see you.

So, try not to mess with a person like that, because they have a weapon which can enter the white house and kill the self-confidence of Mr. President as well, then who are you.

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Is being judgemental a bad thing?

Of course, not! Who said it is? I mean you are not killing someone. So, this is not bad. You just kill their self-confidence and make them look at themselves with a pity eye. So, what, that’s a bad thing, I guess. Is it? You don’t rape someone by being judgemental. So, what if you make them naked in their own eyes. You don’t make a mistake. Judging someone is not a bad thing. Why would it be? Is it written anywhere?

Yes, it is written here on this page at Lifestyle Today. I say it is very bad to judge someone on what they do and what they like. This is not a legal crime but it is definitely a curse in the society. Why would you decide what a person like? How are you to decide whether a person is to be said good or bad? Actually, why the hell do you have to do so? Can’t you just stay away from the places and people you don’t like and enjoy your life in peace? Oh! I forgot you are judgemental; the world is a faulty place for you. Don’t worry, I’ll ask the scientist of NASA to build residences for you on mars and moon if that is okay for you.

People say it is important to judge. Judging is important to know the real you. It is important to judge, and knowingly or not we all judge each other, every minute, every second. What is that? They say we judge a person to even complement them. We judge people to make them feel happy. We judge people to encourage them and be better in their life. If judging this way is allowed, then why can’t people accept their flaws.

True, we judge every person in the world, we judge them all the time, every minute, every second. I am sorry I am gonna give a very bad example but, this is what I can get you to make you understand. The people that make you feel happy, the comedians, the actors, the storytellers, who make you feel happy are never convicted, neither socially nor legally, but the people who spread hatred, kill people, hurt them, steal their things, they are called criminals.

Hurting any person in an offence, the difference is just that, hurting emotions is a social offence and hurting physically is a legal offence. Judgemental is a term used to judge people for no reason. This is a term used in a negative manner, for the judgements that hurt the sentiments of a person.  It is not used to point at the people, who pass positive judgements, which blossoms a person’s face with a smile.

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Signs that show you are being judgemental. The third one can help you.

A person is not a judgemental person by birth. It is the surroundings around the one, which makes him end up being judgemental. Like any other thing, there are also signs of being judgemental. If you haven’t heard of it then, find yourself unlucky, because if you knew you are being judgemental you would have controlled yourself at the right stage.

  1. If you are developing a different level of superiority complex. You start seeing the world below your feet, but the facts say a different story, this is what superiority complex is. You find the other person to be your servant. The only person that can stand beside you is you, yourself. In this case, you need a reason, not to stand equal to others and hence you start to judge. You love yourself a lot, and this self-love becomes a poison for the person you encounter. You become a snake in the crowd, and start biting anything that comes in your of being the best (hypothetically best).
  2. Overconfidence is also a prominent reason for judging people. When you are too much confident about yourself, you start judging people and this is how you start hunting their confidence. The more you hunt the more judgemental you be and this process continues, till you find a person, who could crumble your confidence below his feet.
  3. Judging small things is the beginning of being judgemental. This is the time you can pluck this out from the root itself. If you are not able to remove this at this stage then this will soon transform into a huge giant and will keep disturbing you throughout. You will not even realize when will start judging every single thing around you. So, it is good that you have realized that you are being judgemental. Now is the best time to fight it.
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How to avoid being judgemental?

Nothing in this world is hard to get unless you are not devoted to it. Same goes for throwing out the judgemental nature from you.

You can easily avoid being judgemental in these four simple steps –

  1. Discover, don’t judge

    What is the first thing that you do when you see a person? You judge them from their head to toe. This is not what you have to do. Bring some change. Check out the person from head to toe, but the next step should not be judging the person rather you should discover the qualities in them. Discover those elements that might be unseen from the eyes you see. See, through the eyes of your heart, you will see the realism, which would be completely different from what you used to see earlier. So, discover over judge always.

  2. Be understanding

    What do you do, when someone starts finding faults in you? You try to dodge them and make them understand. You try to make excuses and tell them that this was the reason I could do a certain thing. Now imagine, what if the person understands himself and don’t judge you for what you are. I am not saying that the person you judge is full of flaws and you need to hide them. But if you are judging a person, somewhere deep inside you feel that he is full of flaws. So, be more understanding. Understand the reasons and make yourself understand that there is perfection in his flaws. Be more open to the flaws that you see. There will be a time when these imperfections will be perfect for you, and you will find everything cool and stop judging in your mind as well.

  3. Accept

    Accept the flaws of the people, that you have stored in your mind. Earlier when you used to judge people and used to show it, no matter it was intentional or not, this time, be cautious. In the beginning, don’t let the person know you are judging them. Accept them, accept their flaws and complement them, even though you are judging them in your mind. Keep doing the same. Keep accepting people for who they are. And this acceptance will kill the slowly kill the judgemental you, and leave the free soul of you.

  4. Love

    Now that you have accepted everything in your mind. Try to love the flaws of the people. Love them for what they are. Try to bring a smile on their face, and fall in love with that smile. This love will make you free from the cage of your judgemental mind. You will live with the soul you actually are. Just start loving the flaws.

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Hating your life and not being able to understand the beauty of someone’s or your life might be a reason you judge people. “Life is beautiful” is an article that might help you explore the beauty of your life.

Follow the above-given steps to avoid being judgemental. I am sure this will work out and help you get yourself out of the judgemental cage, and also help you deal with judgemental people. And don’t forget to share your views on this topic in the comment section below. Let me know what points did I miss. And please do share if you like it.

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