How did women become Goddess in Hindu religion

How did women become Goddess in Hindu religion

How are there female Gods in Hindu religion

Female Gods in the Hindu religion is a subject to be surprised about because this facility is not available in other religions. Hinduism, being the oldest religion on earth has females in the Hindu Gods list. The female names associated with the Hindu Gods names reminds me of the small fights and cute politics in a family between the wife, husband, son and daughter. This is one such Hindu god story, which is gonna brief you about the admission of the ladies in the list of Hindu gods. Please be informed that all the characters used as Hindu gods are imaginary and has no relevance to the Hindu gods background. This is just a fictional story which does not intend to hurt the sentiments of Indian gods and their history. So let’s begin…

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So, the story commences in the era of the gods. Many of the youth gods were hired by the multinational religion company Hinduism, but there were no female gods in Hindu religion panel yet. Not even nepotism help these female gods in the Hindu religion. Many esteemed people still acclaim lord Ganesh for the change and the entry of female gods in Hindu religion. But we won’t be discussing this in this segment. What we are here for is the making. So lord Ganesha was being sculptured by Lord Shiva’s wife Parvati (Now Goddess Parvati). Everything was going fine until that dark day in the history of heaven. The mountains of Kailash, which was the residence of Lord Shiva and the also happened to be his court cum office. Shiva, who is in the commissioning panel of the planet earth, also ran a part-time business of solving conflicts in his court like ‘Deva bhai’ of the film Ziddi did. After Lord Shiva has rejected the application of Lord Brahma’s son of being a god and appointing him as the sole journalist of the heaven after completing his law studies, Brahma was searching for a chance to wage his words against Shiva and that was the day for Brahma. Brahma reached Shiva’s court with a bunch of apsaras of heaven. Lord Shiva was in a tizzy mood and was directing the Yamraj to focus on increasing the visitors to heaven as the tourism business of the day was not going great. The people on earth had then started liking adventures and wanted to experience the thrill, so where else can these be available for free rather the hell.

Anyway, coming to the point, Brahma was there to criticize Shiva for not having proper facilities for women safety. The newly appointed gods had misbehaved with the apsaras of heaven. Lord Shiva immediately called those five hundred years old young gods and burnt them, opening the laser rays fixed in his head, which was also said to be the third eye of Shiva. So the matter was wrapped up here and Brahma lost the chance of criticism.

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Now the story skips to a thousand years later when Parvati had already sculptured Ganesha and the tragedy of God with elephant’s head was also history now. But that incident has lit the flames of feminism in the hearts of the ladies and turned their mind on thinking about female gods in Hindu religion. This flame of feminism was turned to a huge fire after the crowning ceremony of the Lord Ganesha. The competition for completing the rounds of heaven had shaken heaven when Ganesha completed the rounds of both his parents. I mean Lord Shiva and Parvati. Feminism was in full-force those days. Ladies introduced a new word to their community ‘Equal rights’ which had gone viral. The wives thought if their son was giving treating them equal to their fathers then why can’t their husbands do the same. But they didn’t know it then, that Lord Ganesha had taken this step only because he had some issues with his father and in such crucial time, when he was about to stand on his own feet, he didn’t want his father to steal the credits. The ladies thought to wage for their rights. After all, there were many educated and talented people in the female community, who could help the male gods to bring a hike in their business, introducing some new departments into existence.

After a lot of telepathy chats in the wives association of heaven, an in-person interview was arranged secretly. Many esteemed wives attended the meeting, which was led by Parvati. But somehow the sources leaked the news to the lords and the meeting was infiltrated. By this time some of the decisions were taken in the meeting like Parvati was going to be the supervisor, Lord Vishnu’s wife Laxmi was a good CA thus she would lead the revenue department, Saraswati had an offer letter of lecturer at Oxford University so she will be dealing with the education department and so many like posts were innovated in that meeting. But, nobody had the guts to speak up before the Lords. But then came Kali, who was only there at the meeting because she had a feminine body configuration and in a bold attitude she appealed the ladies to speak for their rights. After that one line of hers, the ladies started and briefed the plan to the lords. After hearing all the arguments, Lord Shiva invited them to his court with a lawyer to represent their case. At such a crucial time Ganesha stood by the ladies and again this was not for the cause of equality because he wanted revenge from his father for cutting his head and adding an Elephant’s head. The other reason was his crush. Ganesha had a crush on a young girl, who supported this cause. On the other side, wanna be lord, Naradh was assigned with a term that if he wins the case, he will be given the title of a Lord.

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The hearing began and the decision was to be taken in the first hearing itself, because in Deva’s court, there was no space for dates, otherwise Sunny Deol would reject coming to the heaven and move to the hell, which would be a major loss for their business. Lord Shiva had started giving signs of cheating. He tried to announce the decision in favour of the Lords but at the correct moment, something happened that completely changed the scene of the court. Kali had gone crazy and was chopping the heads of the demon community as if they were carrots. Shiva thought all the earnings of the lords from the demons will be put an end, so Shiva granted the ladies to put Goddess in their names. They were officially appointed on the new posts and were now the bosses of their departments. But the demon hunt wasn’t stopped yet, obviously because the heaven didn’t have an IT department to fix the broken telepathy link. So Lord Shiva himself went to stop her.

Kali was now silent but the fact she discovered was going to shake the entire empire of Shiva. Kali wasn’t drinking the demon’s blood because she was angry on Shiva rather she was doing this because she wanted to drink some red wine. Shiva corrected her and told her that she was drinking blood, red wine is kept in the ice chair of Shiva. Kali just grinned and said, “This is why I was not getting high.”

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Shiva had taught Salman Khan not to move back ever in life, this is why he didn’t move back even when people came under her car. He just moved on. Shiva had to stick to his words. He couldn’t take the positions back from the ladies. Thus he allowed the change to remain and bribed Kali not to open her mouth. She was told not to reveal the fact that she wasn’t angry, rather was just mistaken between red wine and red blood.

This is completely a fictional story, which has no intentions to hurt the sentiments of any religion or community. This is a work of fiction and all the incidents used in the story are entirely a brainchild of the author.

Please share your views on the story… I would love to hear it from you.

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2 Replies to “How did women become Goddess in Hindu religion”

  1. This is not funny at all. Such sarcasm on religious belief is insane. Being a Hindu I understand the beauty of Hinduism. The first thing it teaches is tolerance. But this does not mean any one has a right to make a mockery of our faith.

    1. Hii Ashima,
      Thanks for writing.
      I really appreciate your thinking.
      I am also a Hindu, but at thr same time I am also a feminist. I really am proud to tell people that I am Hindu, because no other religion had Female God. But, when I look around me and see what’s the role of hindu women in the society. I am sorry but I didn’t find a better way to slap the community, I live in. Sometimes, It becomes a necessity to be insane, just to do a bit of good.
      I hope you understand.😊

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