How can we change the differences between men and women

How can we change the differences between men and women

How can we change the differences between men and women

The women’s shameful eyes in the drowning ocean, the cheek restricted to pass the tears, the astute mind found a solution, the heart transferred the sentiments and the head bowed down in shame of fame, feelings collaborated with the tears, words were still the cowards, with a long jump over the cheeks, the pearl feelings fall on the toes.

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Wait…! Wait…! Wait…!

Before we begin…

Hello women and men,

Hi, this is Nikhil Raj back again with the epic idea of the incorrect configuration of the women. For those who haven’t read the first part of this women issues series, you don’t know what are you missing. As we have discussed the injustice that the gods did to the women. This blog is going to be much more fun as well as intellectual than the earlier ones. So pull up your shocks even you are not going to run and enjoy the conversation between Nayan and Naina bursting some thoughts of bringing a change. I expect you to not just read and enjoy, but implement these thoughts to your life.

Walking on the streets putting hand in hand in the pleasant moonlight of the dark night, love was arising inside Nayan, the heart was getting naughty and the hand was slipping to the waist of Naina. Nayan started tickling her. Naina enjoyed the fun mood of her boyfriend until he slipped his hand a bit lower.

Naina held Nayan’s hand and twisted it to 90 degrees. Nayan was being hurt. He said, “Leave me I am your boyfriend, I was not raping you.”

Naina left his hand and while walking forward said, “I know you were not raping me, that is why I am not cutting your hand. This was a punishment with boyfriend concession applied.” She said and smirked.

Nayan didn’t know it earlier but her girlfriend was a feminist. He couldn’t stop himself in saying, “Have you gone mad? Are you of those bloody feminazis?”

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The girl, Naina who was a step ahead Nayan, stooped and turned back. This was the invitation for her frustration being a woman to fall off through her words and her punches. She came a step closer to Nayan with calm expressions on her face and then happened a two-second pause, followed by the tsunami of anger. Naina exploded out with her words, Nayan just moved back and kept on listening to her with open mouth. His eyes were bugging out at her and the night flies were invited to enter his mouth. Naina said, “We women are already a part of a huge conspiracy. From all the edges we just receive disappointments. Not just the bloody men on the planet even the god favoured the men. And no win such situation you try to take benefits of me putting a label of relationship and then when you will be done with me you will be endorsing my loose character among your cheap friends. Very proudly, you will be telling them that it just took you this few days to bring her to the bed. But they won’t get it that it wasn’t just my sex appeal, you were heated up either. Post which I will be labelled a slut and will start receiving calls asking for fun. Is this what you want to…?” Naina ended in a loud voice. She took a deep breath and relaxed. She looked at the expressions of Nayan. They were not the same as in the beginning.

Nayan was smiling and now the expressions of shock were transferred to the face of the rebel. Nayan came closer to her, held her shoulders, looked into her eyes and said, “Do you think I am the same? Because if you, it is good to find someone that you trust on. We are in a relationship and there shouldn’t be any space for such kind of things.”

Naina was totally consoled by his words. For the first time in her twenty years of life, she felt that all men are not pigs, they don’t always think from their pants. Putting hand in hand again they started walking on the road. After a while, Nayan asked, “How come Gods are unfair to you women?”

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“Haven’t you read the famous article called How are women different from men?” Naina asked surprisingly.

“No…” Nayan replied generously while Naina reacted as if Nayan has missed the last chance to save the mother planet earth.

“You haven’t read it yet. How could you?” Naina said after the end of her expressions.

“Why don’t you tell me what is written in it?” Nayan said.

“Ok… the idea is about gender equality and how God made women with all the problems like periods, pregnancies and all that while men don’t have to go through any of those. Later the author discovers that all the leading gods are men so how could women get justice there. In the end, the author had told that the world should be in a way that, the girl should have periods in one month and then in the second month her partner again the girls turn comes in the third month likewise the same is applied to pregnancies.” Naina explained.

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Nayan said, “When the women waged for equality in the Hindu religion, didn’t the god think of it? Definitely, they did. They also launched a beta version of it and hence we have kinners in our society. The fact is that we are best in the way we are. What needs to be changed is our thoughts, rather a configuration of the body.”

“Actually you are right. Even I don’t think God must have tried to make humans as hermaphrodites and so he tested on earthworms and others but he would have realised the body would have been much perplexed. You are right we are the best in the way we are.” Naina agreed to the thoughts of his boyfriend and they walked away.

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But the topic “how can we change the differences between men and women” doesn’t end here. What about you? Do you agree to this thought or not? Share your valuable views in the comment section below.

“How can we change the differences between men and women?” is not just an article that I’ve written. This is something that I want to pursue in real, with all my heart. I have just tried to answer but the question still stands tall, “How can we change the difference between men and women”.

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