The Government of Nature

The Government of Nature

Nature, a different form of government within, always gives you what is good for you, rather what goodies you want to do. Unlike, democracy, nature never asks its people what do they want, and unlike a dictatorship, you are allowed to violate the rules of nature. This drives me to conclude that the government of nature is a different form of government within.

Brown and Green Mountain View Photo the government of nature

I wish this was the form of government in the nation I live in. How amazing would it have been when, there were rules, just for my betterment, my growth and my prosperity? Rules that blossom a beautiful smile on the face of every individual. Rules that do not change with skin tone, richness, caste, religion, or any other discriminating criteria. Nature has set rules for what is good and what is bad for us rather nature, which is unlikely to encounter in the government in the nation I live in.

Everything provided by nature is for its people. No matter what kind of treatment you provide nature with, it always stands by your side. The selflessness of nature is what I seek to have in the government in my country, but think that’ll always stay a dream unless my grandsons get their grandsons married. I hope that enough time for the nation to transform and be like nature. But, till then, we can try to make ourselves better and make nature feel happy about the way we live. Because, nature also punishes, and this too for the sake of your betterment. So, stay alert. If you are not able to sleep then explore the following ways to fall asleep.

Don’t bid nature for your amenities

The time you think of making the greatest for yourself, you are destroying your lives along with nature. You don’t have to be mad at me. Even, I want the best for me and my loved ones, but the question arises here is that on what cost? Have you ever thought, what are you bidding for the comforts of your life? Think for a while, the AC that you use, the properties that you buy, all the list of amenities that you keep expanding in your life, are they worthy for what you sacrifice in return?

Factory Chimney Producing Smoke the government of nature

You must have heard about the ‘joke’ when a person buys a fish and then asks for a polyethene to carry it, the salesgirl tells him that it is already inside. What does the girl talk about? Plastic? Yes…. It is the plastic that you had bought while getting buying fruits, or maybe fertilizers, with a thought to save nature.

I don’t understand, you talk about the conservation of nature, the place you choose to have such a discussion is completely air-conditioned. Huh… isn’t it funny, that even while talking about conservation, you harm it? I think this is the time to bring a change because if it is not now it is going to be never.

Neither Modi nor Congress, this time Nature’s government

India is a vast country of around 130 million people, but I am amazed to discover the fact that everything single thing in this country is somehow related to religion. Well… honestly, I do not have any grudges about this fact, unless my job is done. Please don’t mind me, if I say ‘my job’. Yes, it is my job because I am a citizen of this nation and I have got the rights to question, I have the right to know about the whereabouts of my nation.

I’ve been talking for a long time now. You must be feeling like I am dragging the article as I have nothing to write. I am out of thoughts.

Kid Holding Two Indian Flags the government of nature

I would really appreciate your thinking if you think this way. But I regret you don’t. You are still reading this, which proves you are fine with wasting your internet and your time. I would really be proud of you, if you had thought this, and would have spoken up, and commented about the shit I am spreading. But you didn’t, and the same is being done to nature, by us and the government.

I really don’t mind if you want to clean the river ‘Ganga’, because you have holy beliefs attached to the river. But I wonder, why isn’t it being cleaned, even after we have wasted so much money on it.

Who is responsible?

I do not blame the government about it. It is surely us. We are the people who have made it direly with the fullest of our passion and now that, it is about cleaning it, what we do is just wait and watch for other to do scams and loot the nation.

I am proud of this my nation. From ‘Mangalyaan’ to ‘Chandrayaan – 2/Vikram Lander’ we have been successful in reaching different worlds. But when it comes to keeping it clean at our place, we start finding homes on other planets. How long would it last? Won’t the government of nature ask for answers on the other planets, like it is asking now on earth?

Rules of Government of Nature

The government of nature has clear rules.  What you do is for you? No matter what you do, it comes back to you. This is not just any other philosophical concept that I am using to attract your attention, but this is a genuine law verified by physics. I’m sure all you must have heard about the action-reaction law by Newton. I really think this is something you we should be inspired by and stop doing sins that we are sooner gonna pay for.

Scenic Photo Of Beach During Dawn the government of nature

In general, it is said that you take all your sins to the hell, but the rulebook in the government of nature says something different. “The sins that you have done in your life always stays in this world.” At first, you suffer, you pay for it, and after you, your generation does. This is a never-ending process, until the end of the world. So, be cautious about every step that you take.


I know you must be thinking that all the knowledge that I have flaunted in this article is reaching you through the web, which is also deteriorating nature, violating the laws of Nature’s government. But this is the least I can do. I need a laptop and an internet connection to share these thoughts that might influence the minds and we could bring a slight change.

Secondly, I would like to tell you that, unlike any other environmental meeting, I haven’t written this article shaking my legs in an AC room. I wrote this in an open-air, in the garden, with the fullest of my peace of mind. And, anyway I don’t have an AC in my room.

So, think before you grow your wants because your wants are going to be the reason for the death of your needs.

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The Government of Nature_

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4 Replies to “The Government of Nature”

  1. I really love this article. I think if articles like these and posts of social media that mostly address the environment, become repetitive, we can actually reach to the depths of brains of people and help them be more conservative. Thank you for initiating this. It is essential that this goes on and on so people are more keen on being environmentally conscious because that is what they’ll see everywhere. Moreover, I don’t think there is any one method to help the environment. I think one should practice minimalism. Reusing things that can be used again for multiple purposes, this would reduce wastage. Moreover, excess use of things given to us by nature like water and electricity is bad. Personally I don’t think there is any one way in which people can save the planet. As a whole, if you take something from mother nature you should give something back in return too. For example, if you’re using lots of paper, you should plant trees as well. Or if you’re producing smoke, make sure you’re working on ways for it to be filtered.

    1. Thank you so much❤ Would really pass it on and would work on this thought of saving the environment. Really grateful that Miss Environment likes and loves to see that see is actually conscious about saving mother earth. Really appreciate you efforts Preetika.

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