Gaia – Environmental Poem by Preetika Pahwa

Gaia – Environmental Poem by Preetika Pahwa


“Gaia” is a Greek word, which means “Earth”. According to Greek mythology, Gaia was also the Goddess who presided over Earth. The poem, Gaia, is written as an initiative to spread peace and awareness about the Environment by throwing light on the vast beauty of our Ecosystem. Ranging from grasslands to canopies of forests and the sun rays to bristles of snowflakes, Gaia highlights different varieties of nature and amalgamates them into one poem.

Person Holding World Globe Facing Mountain gaia

From the tiny Droplets on the Sea Shore,

To the Amplitude of a Lion’s roar,

The humongous Sun and the Flakes on Everest,

Our Macrocosm has everything at its best interest.

The shuffling Canopies of Foliage

Have Water bickering through their Ravines.

Evolution transpires at every stage.

Beyond the alluring Critters in Grasslands that have their own Sheen.

The empyrean Sky amends its tint,

As Time, her beloved, shifts his Chapters.

As this aesthetic of our Realm begins to extinct,

Let’s revere all its Ecospheres.

About the author

Preetika Pahwa is a filmmaking student and a lifetime member of the World Peace Development and Research Foundation. She is the titleholder of Miss Teen India World 2019 2nd Runner Up and sub titleholder of Miss Environment at Miss Teen India. She holds a keen interest in fashion, theatre, films and photography. Preetika is a strong debater and strives to be a “Creative Entrepreneur”.

preetika Pahwa the author of gaia at lifestyle today

Preetika Pahwa

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  1. Thank you so much for publishing it. I am truly grateful to be a part of the Lifestyle Today family! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to publish here by reading all my comments on your posts! Cheers!

    1. Thank you so much… Lifestyle Today greets you for the publication of your first poem on the blog.
      We are grateful for your contribution to the environment as Miss teen Environment. Really very happy to have you on board. Thank you.

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