Democracy…Or Elected Dictatorship

Democracy…Or Elected Dictatorship

Democracy, Dictatorship and Elected Dictatorship… Which of these comprises of Indian Politics

Democracy and dictatorship are the two largest enemies of the universe. They both can never exist together. Existence of any one of them is only possible when the other one has abolished. But what if I say I live in a country which has both of them together. The democracy of the nation many of the times turns to an elected dictatorship. This thing doesn’t worth being mentioning at this stage of the story but sometimes the heart gets filled looking at the world we live in and the words feasibly come out.

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I was in Kashmir, which is probably the best example of the elected dictatorship. Only the ruler changes in the valley but what remains the same is their sufferings. I don’t know which faces are responsible for their sufferings but I know which faces can heel them. I don’t have any problem with those who are responsible for their suffering, I have complaints to them who had to heel them and they were not the armed forces at all.

I think the forces are exactly the same as my pen. I am the one who holds it and writes on. It depends upon me how to use it. I can use it to write the poem of love or I can use it to write something unsocial or I can use it to tear the paper as well. Similarly, the forces are held by the rulers, not only on one side of the border but the situation is the same on the other side too.

Kashmir: the inquisitive case of democracy/elected dictatorship

What is democracy in Kashmir? The question often knocks my mind and runs down pinching my heart. Many democracy essays have been written yet, but Kashmir is always kept aside from the mess of democracy. Maybe this is because even the writers and journalists have fathomed the highest militarized zone of the world is not an example of democracy. However, I have discovered what kind of governance is there in Kashmir. Democracy would be the wrong term to be used for Kashmir and so will be a dictator. So, we are intrigued to choose the third path, ‘Elected dictatorship’.

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I don’t know whom should I impugn for the politics in Kashmir. Should I impugn Raja Hari Singh, who was the king of Kashmir at the time of independence, who demanded Kashmir to be a free nation, or should I impugn the first prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, the one who allowed Hari Singh to take away Kashmir, knowingly or unaware about the fact that for a state like Kashmir, it is very harsh to stand itself straight in the adverse conditions. Should I impugn Pakistan for invading Kashmir or should I again impugn Hari Singh again, for not going with Pakistan for the sake of his people? Why did Hari Singh surrender himself to the Indian Prime Minister? And even after when India sent back the Pakistani forces back to their posts and occupied 55% of the land of Kashmir, why didn’t somebody bother to know the will of the people who were actually being affected by this war. Now when the situation was lying all over the heat, should I impugn the secretary-general of United Nations, who didn’t take any action on the Kashmir issue, while both India and Pakistan were members of the United Nations since the birth of United Nations.

Whatever is the condition of democracy in Kashmir today is a result of the evil decisions of the mind. The minds that saw a goldmine in Kashmir. Anyway, our priority is not Kashmir. Our priority is to talk about Democracy and elected dictatorship. Allow me to present an eyes sighted story, happened to an old man at a bank.

The bank runs with our money, rather my living runs on the bank

What do you expect your bank to be? When people ask this question, they generally mean it and also knows your reaction, yet they ask the question because the statement they want to put forth would be incomplete without that of the first. Now when the person comes up with his obvious answer, which would first of all list the demand of being respected and if not that then at least to be treated well by the employs of the bank. Then the person reveals the priority line stored in his mind. “You are not going to see any of these bad habits in the people at the bank.” The questioning person says and moves out.

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The mystery was solved when I moved into the bank. I found everything normal at the bank, but the hallucination was soon cured by the bank employs. Let me tell you, it was a government bank and hopefully, it was my first visit to one such.

There was an old man standing near to the counter. The eyes were filled with hope and the age was shivering the limbs. The skin was loving the gravity. The hairs loved the head but their favourite colour was changed. The eyes had forgotten its best friend, spectacles and thus had gone on a vision strike, result of which the old man was not able to see anything clearly.

The curious mind couldn’t stop the feet to walk to the old man asked him to sit on the chair. But the old man’s reaction just traumatized me up. He said, “Thank you son, but I can’t move from here. I can see my passbook is coming up.”

“Don’t worry, you will get your passbook, once it is done,” I said in a very humble tone but could see no desire of taking rest on his face.

He said, “It’s been ten days since I’ve been coming here to update my passbook. My son had sent me money. I just wanted to check whether it has arrived in my account or not. But sir it says refuses to do every time I ask him to. Yesterday I was also pushed back and made me fall on the ground, yet I didn’t move back. But what can we do? He is the power holder.”

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His words were really traumatizing. Not that he was angry on the system, that old man was still designating ‘sir’ to the man who had hurt him. The other statement was about power. We the people of a democratic nation think that the power is in the hands of the government employs. How fair is that?

This story shouldn’t be concluded, because when you get something in front of your in a plate, you don’t value it, while the is when cooked by you, it becomes the most delicious one. So, please find the conclusion yourself, in the course of which you will discover, how difficult it is for a people to be called as the supreme power of democracy in paper, but be a puppet for the politicians, we choose directly and the government employs, we pay indirectly.

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