12 Best ways to fall asleep quickly; 7th and 12th points will amaze you for sure.  

12 Best ways to fall asleep quickly; 7th and 12th points will amaze you for sure.  

12 Best ways to fall asleep quickly; 7th and 12th points will amaze you for sure.  

Sleep is a state of mind and body, characterized as altered consciousness. This is a naturally recurring state in which sensory activities are relatively reduced, muscle activity is also reduced and almost all other voluntary functions of the body are inhibited. people generally don’t take sleep seriously. They believe sleep is something they can have any time, but the fact is more than 51 per cent of the adults across the globe are not able to have proper sleep. In this case, you need to know about the ways to fall asleep.

So, here I am with 12 best ways to fall asleep quickly –

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Ways to fall asleep at night

Nature has set some rules for the cycle of the day. For a reason, the day is made to work and the night is made to sleep. There are receptors in the mind that are sensitive towards lights. Melatonin is a hormone, secreted by the Pineal gland, which plays a vital role in making a person sleep. This hormone is sensitive towards and is secreted in the darkness. This proves my point that the night is made for us to sleep and the day is to finish the work. For those who have their melatonin functions weak, there is artificial melatonin available in the market, but it always recommended to consult a doctor before you want to use this artificial hormone, as the wrong usage of this artificial hormone could make things worse for you.

Sleep disorders

This artificial hormone and other sleeping pills are only suggested to be taken, in worst cases like insomnia and other sleep disorders. If a person is suffering from insomnia, it is suggested for the person to consult a doctor urgently as this is a disease, which can get treated in the early stages but can be worse if prolonged. But all these things come later. Here are 12 ways to fall asleep, which will definitely help you. This is also the answer to the questions like ‘How do I sleep at night?’ and ‘how to get good sleep?’. So, there you with the 12 best ways to fall asleep. 7th and 12th points are gonna amaze you for sure.

ways to fall asleep quickly
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1. Lower the temperature of your room: In order to sleep, you must not just be mentally prepared but also need to match the physical requirements. If your room is too warm, you might have a hard time while trying to sleep. So, it is suggested to lower the room temperature in the range of 15°C to 23°C. This is one of the best ways to fall asleep quickly in a peaceful manner.

2. Have a long tiring day: As I said it is important to match the physical requirements to fall asleep. When you work hard, your body gets tired, and what else but tiredness can get you the best and most relaxing sleep

3. Expose to both lighting conditions in the 24 hours: There is an internal clock in our body, which regulates the sleep and wake cycle. It is important for the body to get exposed to both the lighting condition of the 24 hours. Your body must be exposed to the day, and to the night as well. This is how the internal clock of your body understands the time of the day and decides whether it is the time to sleep or not.

4. Watch out your food habits at night: Not everything you eat is the of the best friend of sleep. Hence if you want to have a bond with your sleep, you must have the food that your sleep, which means you should have the food that can give you proper, relaxing and utmost quality of sleep. To have a proper sleep, it is always recommended to have a low-carb/high-fat food rather high-carb/low-fat food. High-carb/ low-fat foods generally decrease the quality of sleep.

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5. Listen to relaxing music: Listening to relaxing music can be helpful for your sleep. Test have proven that this is one of the best ways to fall asleep, and is also helpful for chronic sleep disorders like insomnia. There might be a possibility of not having relaxing music around you. In such cases try to block all the sources of noise, that disturbs your sleep and distracts you to enter the kingdom of dreams. This will help you sleep for sure.

6. Have comfort in your bedroom: The mattress you sleep on, the night lamp of your room, the colour of your bedsheet, the fabric of your night suit, you might find all these things silly, but when it comes to sleep, comfort is a priority and these are the things that make you comfortable on your bed. So, make sure you like everything that is a part of your sleep. This is one of the top ways to fall asleep at night.

7. Cuddle: Yes, you might think I am just being to ‘Awww…’, but trust me I am not. This is a proven way to fall asleep. When you feel the warmth in your body tends to relax and this leads to sleep.  As I told you earlier, sleeping is practised by both the mind and the body. So, it is important to be prepared to sleep in both ways. Cuddling is a method that can really help you get a night of quality sleep. Cuddling is a method that fulfils both the physical and mental criteria of sleep. When you cuddle someone, your body feels the warmth and hence it relaxes, and your mind rests assured the in the arms of the person you are cuddling. So, it is a method recommended to use when you want to sleep and all other methods have been nullified in your case. This can also be termed as ‘Sleep button’ as well.

8. Get rid of electronics: Tests have proved that the radiations emitted by the electronic devices, are not just harmful to the birds but are also an enemy of your sleep. Using electronic devices on the bed can be terrible for your sleep. So, out of all the ways to fall asleep, this happens to be the one that also helps you stay ahead in your life.

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9. Spray lavender perfume in your room: Lavender perfume reduces stress, anxiety, depression and makes a person feel relaxed. And, it shouldn’t be necessary to tell you how important it is to have a relaxed mind, to have a proper sleep. This is one of the ways to fall asleep used by the people who have various sleep disorders.

10. Reduce intake of caffeine: Caffeine is one of the biggest enemies of sleep. All the tea and coffee that you consume over the day, shows its effects at night. To stay with caffeine, you will have to sacrifice sleep. So, the decision is in your hand, either you reduce the intake of tea coffee and other beverages containing caffeine, or you can get your sleep reduced and fragmented.

11. Adapt reading habit: If the time you might spend using the phone on your bed is transformed into reading books or magazines, I guarantee your struggle for sleep will transform into a relaxing sleep. It is always recommended to read on paper. Electronic books are not advised to be read while sleeping as they emit direct light to the eyes, which reduces the secretion of melatonin hormone, resulting to a night of disturbed sleep and causing tiredness in the day after night.

ways to fall asleep through the help of mind

12. Set your mind to stay awake: You must have heard about reverse psychology. You are also introduced to the importance of psychology in sleep. This technique is called ‘Paradoxical intention’, in which you try to stay awake rather forcing yourself to sleep. Now that you are trying to stay awake, your mind will act accordingly and then will force you to sleep. This is how you can fool your brain and have a comfortable sleep.

Having problems with sleep not only causes anxiety, frustration and another mental disorder in your body but also causes a chemical and physical imbalance in your body. So, try the above-given tips and let me how did it help you. I would love to hear a review and answer questions related to the topic. You can ask your question and share your reviews in the comments section below.

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