An open letter to the cliché uncle

An open letter to the cliché uncle

An open letter to the cliche uncle

Dear Uncle,

Warning: This is the stopping point for the light-hearted cliché uncles who don’t have the guts to hear some offensive elements, how worse they sound. Thank you.

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I actually wanted to write a letter to Donald Trump and discuss the foreign policies, but see what time has intrigued me to do. I am writing an open letter to the cliché uncle.

“Why did your son drop medical and joined a film school? No problem, he will do something in his life. He is a good boy.” This is what cliché most of you uncles out there put in the ears of my dad. But have you ever heard yourself? Have you ever tried saying this about your child or to yourself, while you were waging against your parents for the allowance to follow your passion? No, is the obvious option you must be having. No issues, being a writer and having a much broad mind than you and whole of your family, I’ve got the right solution for you. What you have to do is turn on the recorder of your phone and say the same statement in front of the mirror. Allow me to tell people, what would you hear, “Oh Fuck! This boy has gone to follow his passion. He is also hardworking and now when he is doing, what his heart feels good about, therefore, he will definitely achieve his goals. How good it was when he wasted five golden years of his life behind medical. Now, whom will I taunt? This cannot happen. I shouldn’t have happened.”

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Whenever I open Facebook, I see a message of this cliché uncle, asking to reconfirm myself if I am sure about my decision. Oh, let me think, Yes, I am. And now when you people should prohibit yourself from stalking me. I didn’t want to do this but, now when I am doing this let me tell you that you are the people responsible for all the ill effects on the planet.

For those, who don’t know this about me. I never chose to be a doctor. I am a born writer and no power can take this skill of mine away from me. Writing is not a substitute for me rather it is something that I’ve wanted. So, for those who say, I choose to be a writer because I could qualify medical your eyes are at the sun, please shift it to the other side, they might find yourself safe there.

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I don’t intend to hurt the sentiments of any person associated with any of the profession. But, to my dad, I would like to tell that, dad I know you don’t take the words of the cliché uncle seriously, but I really feel bad when you feel ashamed telling people about my failure in the medical ashamed, I rather want you to feel proud of your son being a successful writer, who will soon have his own book published. I don’t want to be compared to any other child on the planet, neither then when I was a failure nor now when I am an achiever.

I am sorry if I have hurt any of your emotions, cliché uncle. And yes, before discarding this letter please find yourself not able to look in the eyes of your own. And also I m sure you too have an open letter for someone. Share it with me and get a chance to get it published on this blog.

Thank You

Best Regards

A Son...

And also I m sure you too have an open letter for someone. Share it with me and get a chance to get it published on this blog. You can write to me in the comment section below or you can reach me through the contact form.

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  1. Very beautifully expressed, Nikhil 😊 I am so proud of you for coming out. This article will give strength to people following their passion and hopefully will try to change the mindset of people who do not let others follow their passion.

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