5 ways how to save money and time effortlessly

5 ways how to save money and time effortlessly

5 ways how to save money and time effortlessly

“Time is money”. There is no being on this planet that has not heard about this amazing quote. Time actually is equivalent to money, but this doesn’t mean we keep wasting money. We keep on looking for ideas, tips and tricks, about how to save money, when we have these options around us all the time. How to save money is not something that someone needs to learn, it is rather a habit that one has to adapt in their lifestyle, with the help of some money-saving tips. It is not easy to earn money and the same goes when it comes to spending it. There is nothing called infinite money. Even the richest of the richest people in the world has a fixed amount of money. When you understand the right meaning of money-saving, you will realise, what you have been doing till date wasn’t money-saving, but it was killing your desires. Not spending on what you want, not spending money on your lifestyle, not fulfilling your desires and saving all your money in a saving account, all these things do not resonate money saving from any angle of view.

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Meaning of saving

Many people, or better say most of the people conceptualise “save money” in an incorrect way. “Save money” not at all means kill your desires, but it says to buy the right things at the right price. Saving money means to save your money from being looted. I guess you don’t want that to happen to you unless your kid is selling his piggy bank to you and looting so much money from your wallet.

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Let us first know what money-saving actually means and then we would roll over to “how to save money”. We know what is not money-saving, but is something that kills your desires. Saving money always means getting the right deal and not giving extra money for something you want to buy. This again has different perspectives. If you are a human being, you need a cloth to cover your body. Not that you are saving money, so you have to buy cheap clothes. This is exactly what money-saving isn’t. if you can afford to buy clothes from an international brand of huge prices, please go for it. If it is your choice, your desire, your lifestyle, there is nothing wrong in it. You are not at all wasting any money while doing this. But if you are buying a cloth of worth 20k at a price of 22k that is where you waste money. This is where you need some money-saving tips. Now another place where you waste money is when you are capable of buying clothes of 20k and push your limits to 30k. This is the time when you again need to learn how to save money.

The same theory is applied to all the classes of society. One should push their limits of spending, but not when other things in their life are running with a push. And most importantly it is important to be wise and spend in the right way at the right place.

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Here are 5 ways how to save money effortlessly, please do have a look

1. Negotiate on your bills: This is that talent of yours that will always help you raise high and save money. Generally, this idea of saving money is not effective at malls and other fixed-price shops, but you can bring it in use at various other places and get the products in its right value. This talent of negotiation is also called the power of bargain. If you are a real shopper, rather a show-off fraud, you are most likely to know the value of most of the products you wish to buy and so you can save money by buy products and services at the right prices through negotiation.

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2. Always get at least two quotations before you buy: If you are buying a product that is really expensive and is of great use to you, please don’t just wake up and land in a shop, swipe your card and buy the product. This is exactly what foolishness looks like. You must at least look for one other option. Maybe you can check the product online. You can try checking two or three e-commerce sites. Maybe they can give you the product in less than what you have expected. So, this is another way to save money, despite having a saving account.

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3. Share memberships and subscriptions of services: There are so many services that are aren’t purchased but we pay and subscribe to use their services. Products like Netflix and Amazon Prime video are the best examples of this practice. Instead of having a different account for all the members of the family, you can simply have one single account for the entire family and save money. This is one of the most effective ways to save money effortlessly.

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4. Buy in bulk: The fact is not hidden that if you buy things in bulk you get heavy discounts, even when there is no offer going on from the brand or the shop. Buk shopping is always beneficial and helps you save a lot of money. So, this is another money-saving tip. You should buy all your groceries and all the things of your necessity at once for the entire month or week. This will help you save a lot of money.

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5. Sell products, not in use and cancel underused subscriptions: You should know what is right and what is not. Obviously, this is not the same for all. So, the things that are no use to you, might be useful for someone else. But you don’t need to give it simply. You can re-sell it and get a good price for your product. You should use your brain and cancel those subscriptions, you hardly use. This will help you save a lot of money because subscriptions always charge a lot and charge all the time.

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So, these are the top 5 ways how to save money. I hope it is of your use. Please tell me what did I miss and also review the tricks.

I would love to hear it from you…

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